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New Dentures & Repairs

Today's dentures are more natural-looking and comfortable than ever before. Whether you need a full set of custom-made dentures to replace all missing teeth or a partial denture for a few missing teeth, we have the expertise to create natural-looking and comfortable solutions for our patients.

We provide a range of dental implant services, including:


  • Full/complete dentures.

  • Partial dentures with various flexible and cast options

  • Immediate dentures following extractions

  • Denture repairs and relines.

Full New Dentures


Our full new dentures are custom-fit to each patient, ensuring a natural appearance and comfortable fit. We provide premium denture service, utilizing the highest quality materials and teeth available, resulting in longer wear and reduced risk of accidental breakage. Advances in implant dentistry have revolutionized the functionality and retention of new dentures. By utilizing dental implant posts placed into the jawbone, a special type of full or partial denture can be fabricated to securely lock into these implants. Implant-supported dentures significantly enhance chewing and speaking abilities for many patients, providing greater stability and comfort compared to traditional dentures.


Partial Dentures


Unlike full dentures, partial dentures are crafted to replace some, but not all, of the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw of a patient. Our partial dentures are meticulously custom-fit to ensure a natural appearance and comfortable fit for each individual. We are proud to offer a premium partial denture service, utilizing the finest materials and teeth currently available. Our service is engineered to provide extended durability and reduced susceptibility to accidental breakage, ensuring long-term satisfaction for our patients.


Denture Relining


Denture relining is the process of refitting dentures to accommodate natural changes in oral tissue, such as bone and tissue shrinkage. Patients often become aware of the need for relining when their dentures feel loose or less stable while eating, and may also experience breakage and soreness. We offer various types of relines to address these issues and ensure optimal comfort and stability for our patients.


We provide 24-hour laboratory relines for added convenience and efficiency. Additionally, we offer same-day chairside denture relines, ensuring immediate resolution and avoiding the edentulous period associated with laboratory relines.


Soft Denture relines are frequently recommended for patients with very flat lower ridges or those experiencing chronic soreness in their lower ridge. We utilize a high-quality soft material designed to provide lasting comfort and durability for many years.


Types of Denture Repairs


  • Repairing teeth broken out of dentures.

  • Replacing missing or lost teeth in dentures.

  • Adding teeth to partial dentures to replace extracted natural teeth.

  • Repairing fractures in dentures and dentures broken in half.

  • Adding metal strengthener bars to existing dentures.

  • Welding broken metal partials back together.


With our advanced techniques and commitment to quality, we strive to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients, enhancing chewing and speaking abilities while restoring confidence and functionality.


Valley View Dental

Dr. Irina Hayrapetyan DDS FAGD & her staff are eager to welcome you to their friendly dental practice!

Our goal is to help you enjoy a healthy smile that you're proud to share with the world. Embark on a dental experience with us, where your comfort and well-being are our top priorities.
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